Note: this is work in progress.

I' am Erminia "Joliie" Tapanes and this is my story. I came to Rubi-ka looking for a fight with Omni-Tek, they were the bastards that send my parents into their deaths. Ohh my, has it been 10 years already since they were sent to New Europe, in hopes of negotiating a peace treaty with the rebel workers there. They got royally fucked by Omni-Tek, 2 hours after they arrived at the capital city Gothope, the order was given to start a massive bombardment from space, 42 heavy cruisers continued for 6 hours to hit the surface with tactical nukes. Even though Mr.Ross doesn't seem to be directly responsible for the order, it came from his headquarter. No one from the 30 men big group of so called negotiators survived, they were sent as a decoy and it worked. More than 50.000 people got killed that day, of those 2000 where children, sure Omni-Tek was condemned for their actions, but that did not bring back my Mother, Father or any of the families who had made New Europe their home. Not that there is much left to call home, the planet won't be habitable within the next hundred years.

The story.
I got the news from Neriax, she was moving fast in her career, no one was surprised that she choose to become a Bureaucrat, it had always been in her nature. She and the Atrox friend of hers, Dunhammer came rushing up to me, it was a beautiful day, the sun warned my face, it was the day I gotten my field commission, I could now call myself a soldier and I finished third in my company, I was going to check on my reservation at the restaurant, where we should celebrate 3 years of hell finally over. When Neriax said "I think Omni-tek just eradicated Gothope on New Europe!". We found a news terminal and there it was, the "casualty list" ran over the screen, I could not believe it, I wouldn't believe it, Omni-tek wouldn't do that, no way.. no way… That night I understood the Rebels on New Europe, Neriax talked for hours, she had clearly been on to Omni-tek for sometime now and Dunhammer just sat there, he hadn't said a word doing the hole thing, he looked at me then at Neriax and asked "They shouldn't get away with it, should they?". The following weeks our ideas were wild and the chance of success low, but it seemed to help at first, but the fact that we didn't do any of it and that Omni-tek seemed to get away with it, made us restless. I think it was about 2 months later Neriax came to me and gave me the ticket a one way ticket to Rubi-ka, I knew right away what she wanted and Dunhammer came along with a big grin on his face. All reports said that Philip Ross was on Rubi-ka, even though The Council of Truth is working on peace, it seems unlikely either side will uphold their part of the treaty, now is the time to hurt Omni-tek, take away their Notum and the monopole they gained from using countless of people as nothing more then slave labour in the notum mines.

It wasn't easy, but what else was I suppose to do, I send my little sister Chianja to our grandparents on the Mars colonies, what was I suppose too due with her? She was way to young to be involved, she wasn't happy about it, but she understood that she needed to complete her education as a doctor, she was indeed a promising one. It hurt so much to see leave on that shuttle, but I knew she would be safer there, I also made her a stupid promise that she could come when she had finished her education.

Arriving on Rubi-ka.
It smelled like a cow stable, the air-condition in the transporter had died two hours ago, and there was still one hour on till our arrival in Tir. The nanomage behind was rubbing up against me, first I thought I was by accident, but this was no accident, so I did the only thing you can do, I hit hard and low, he left me alone for the rest of the flight, Neriax was cracking up, sweating like a pig. There was a thunderstorm over Tir so the transporter set down just outside Newland City, a strange place, crawling with something the locales called leets, it most of all reminded me of my pet hamster. The hot desert air was a relief compared to the a broken aircon unit. Finally here, I saw some neutral guards, they looked like some badarses, the kind you don't want mess around with. Culture shock!! When we entered NL City there was Omni-tek, clanners and neutrals walking around, some made comments to the other, but I would never have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes, there was even trading between the factions, seeing the faces of both Dunhammer and Neriax I knew they was thinking the same, what the frell is going on here. A trader came up to us, trying to sell some old robot junk, but we left him, we headed for the whompas.

We used to hang out at the Tir out posts joining the teams their in our hunt for Omni personnel and the hours spend at the cup talking about our great future here. We for some had gotten the attention of one of the major guilds in the Tir area, they called them self Lost Chapter, they had visions and the know how to be a serious treat to Omni-tek. I got the news one morning that something had gone wrong at the reclaim terminals in West Athens, Dunhammer had respawned but was nothing more then a big jar of slim. I still think it was A Omni-tek terror operation deep within clan space. I had to leave, to much had happen to fast, I said my farewells to Neriax and was on the next shuttle to the transporter that would take me home, well the only home I had anyway, back to my grand parents and my sister.

The mars colonies.
It's a beautiful place the mars colonies, its paradise on mars.